Create Your Own Remedies With Empty Capsules

Create Your Own Remedies With Empty Capsules

As interest in health and wellness grows, many want to take even further control of their health by filling empty capsules to create their supplements. Making your own capsules can save you money, reduce excess packaging waste and gives you complete control over what goes into your capsule, right down to the capsule itself.

When filling your capsules, we recommend starting with supplements that allow for some leeway in the dosage, as your measurements may not always be accurate. A kitchen scale is a good start, and our capsule size chart will give you an idea of the typical volume for each size capsule.

Herbs commonly used for health supplements, such as ginseng, turmeric, cinnamon, garlic, green tea and goldenseal, can readily be purchased in bulk at your local natural grocery or online.

Making your own capsules is easy. If you only take a few types of supplements daily, you can likely knock out several months' worth in just one evening.

While filling by hand can be relaxing for some, if you feel you are not dexterous enough or want to fill more capsules more quickly, try a manual capsule filler, such as a CN-100.

We share your desire to understand exactly what you're consuming. When you purchase empty capsules from us, we promise you will always know what is in your capsules. We consciously source and manufacture our capsules to ensure they are toxin-free. All of our capsules are certified Kosher and Halal and free from gluten, preservatives and GMOs. With gelatin and vegetarian options available, we've got a capsule for everyone.