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  1. What our customers are saying:

    Love What You Offer

    Overall, I love what your company has to offer. Your customer service is great, very prompt in responding to questions.
  2. Great Customer Service

    What our customers are saying:

    Great customer service! Great products!
  3. What our customers are saying:

    Great Product, Great Company!

    Great product, great company! I love that there is an organic choice for capsules as much as I appreciate the quick processing and shipping.
  4. What our customers are saying:

    Very Pleased Customer!

    Very pleased customer! Very pleased with the product, the company and the quick turnaround time shipping out to me, and pleased with their prices. I will definitely be a returning customer.
  5. What our customers are saying:

    Better Than Other Capsules

    Great Product & Company! I use the capsules to dispense liquid neoplasene to my dog who has cancer. Healthcaps-USA SLS-free vegetarian capsules are better than other vegetarian capsules I've tried. Healthcaps capsules go down my dog's throat without sticking which happens sometimes with the other caps.
  6. What our customers are saying:

    They do the job!

    They do the job! Easy to use. Haven't had a broken capsule yet in the 1500 capsules I have used. Definitely has become my standard buy option.