Capsule Guide: What Type of Capsule Should I Buy?

Capsule Guide: What Type of Capsule Should I Buy?

Gelatin, vegetarian, pullulan… the options may seem endless and you may not even know the difference between our empty capsule options. Well, you’re in luck. We’ve put together a short cheat sheet to guide you.


Most capsules are made from gelatin and are typically popular among shoppers. But why?

For starters, they are affordable, easy to digest (for most), hold ingredients well and have a smooth finish that works well in capsule-filling machines. Additionally, gelatin capsules are pure and natural, made from only beef gelatin and purified water, and guaranteed toxin-free, certified Kosher and Halal. While clear gelatin capsules are the most common, PureCapsUSA offers various colored gelatin capsules, ranging from 000 to size 5.

Vegetarian HPMC and Pullulan

Those seeking a non-animal sourced capsule may choose from Vegetarian HPMC, a vegetable cellulose of pine or poplar or pullulan made from organic tapioca starch. 100% natural, these capsules contain no preservatives, gelatin, wheat or animal products. Vegetarian capsules are typically only available in clear. However, PureCapsUSA offers chlorophyll and white in sizes 0 and 00.

Herbal Oil

Our vegetarian Herbal Oil capsules are designed to hold oil-based liquid suspensions, unlike our standard capsules, which are made for dry powders. These are an excellent choice for herbalists and those who prefer to consume oil-based supplements in capsule form.

Delayed Release

Our delayed-release capsules are designed to dissolve slowly, bypassing our strong stomach acids and releasing the contents in the small intestines about 120 minutes after ingestion. They are pharmaceutical-grade and help maintain a constant level of medication within the body. Our delayed-release vegetarian capsules are made with HPMC, vegetable cellulose.

Check out our Capsule Ingredient page for more information about each capsule type.