A World of Color - Why Colored Capsules?

A World of Color - Why Colored Capsules?

Aside from the obvious fact that colors are more attractive to the eye, using a colored capsule does have some specific benefits. Let's open this capsule of benefits!

  1. Colors can trigger an emotional response.

Practitioners know that using different colors and color combinations for their supplements and herbs can trigger an emotional response in their client or patient, which can establish a psychological connection to the use of the medication or remedy.

By playing upon the innate associations that we as humans have already made between color and mood or action--blue evokes calm or cool, red is hot, orange and yellow are active, etc., using a capsule color that corresponds with the intended results of the remedy can achieve a better result.

  1. They are easily distinguishable.

Because they are easily distinguishable, colored capsules are particularly useful when the filling is a neutral-colored substance. While vividly colored substances such as chlorophyll will undoubtedly shine through our crystal clear empty capsules, white, neutrally colored or similarly colored substances (consider cayenne and cinnamon) can be challenging to tell apart when placed on a counter or bedside or transferred to a pill case.

If you are making your supplements, consider what particular colors mean to you and plan your capsule filling accordingly. We offer a wide variety of beautifully colored gelatin capsules in both solid and two-tone body combinations for all your supplement needs.