Size 3 Separated Solid Gelatin Capsules

: G3SW5K

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Product Highlights

Best Used For

Dry Powders Only


Beef Gelatin and Purified Water

Pack Sizes

5,000 - 10,000

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool, dry place. Temperature: 58-79°F (Humidity: 35-55%)

More About This Capsule:

Size 3 clear gelatin capsules are made from beef gelatin and water. Size 3 capsules are small and ideal for children, pets, and smaller doses as they are even smaller than size 2 capsules. Depending on the density of the filling product, these size 3 empty gelatin capsules will hold between 135 and 300 mg of powder weight. Their theoretical volume is 0.3 ml. See our capsule size chart for more details on size.

For Powder Only*: Do not fill standard vegetarian or gelatin capsules with any liquid suspension. *Vegetarian Oil -grade capsules should only be filled with oil-based liquids.

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Size 3 Separated Solid Gelatin CapsulesSize 3 Separated Solid Gelatin CapsulesSize 3 Separated Solid Gelatin Capsules